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KC CREATIVE exists to serve you in all of your artistic needs. Who are "you"? You are someone who is getting married and filled with all of the magical, pre-wedding bliss and want an invitation that gushes with your love for each other. You are celebrating your 40th anniversary and want to surprise your beautiful bride with photos to capture the love you've built. You are parents who has a kid who is a (gulp!) senior and want to freeze time for just a little bit longer. Or maybe you want a graduation invitation that truly reflects the amazing personality your once child, now almost an adult, has grown into. I hear you. I'm here for YOU!


Tel: 361-244-7136


Serving West Texas & Remote


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What I'm saying is that if you need something designed or something photographed, I'm your girl! I can design just about anything you can print; business cards, flyers, posters or any sort of promotional collateral. I especially love invitations whether it be a wedding or graduation. I have to say, seniors are my favorite people to capture (but don't tell anyone I have a favorite!). It's an absolute blast to be able to get to know your kiddos, connect with them and give you something that you can hold on to that tells a story of who your child was right there in that moment. 

     Each moment in life is so special and I would love to give you photographs to treasure for the rest of your life. Did I mention that 10% of everything you invest in KC Creative goes to charity? Oh, yea! It does. ;)

If you're still reading this (kuddos) you might be wondering who exactly you'll be working with. I'm the lady in these picture standing next to the really tall, most swoon-worthy man ever. He was my college sweetheart. We met in Young Life leadership training our freshman year of college at Texas A&M Corpus Christi **Go Ders** Four years ago we got married and I moved to Cali to be with my Marine (now, he's a full-fledged civilian). No kiddos of our own yet, just lots of nieces and nephews that we couldn't love more and a derpy boxer we adopted named Peach. Ugh. She's a trip. Ha!

I digress from...bullet points about me:

• "Oh that such a crown would fit a sinner like me," says the prayer of Puritan, but feels like it was written straight from my heart. Thankful for the mercies of Jesus. Sometimes I write about these things on my blog You're welcome to visit! Let me know if you stop by.

• If you get me in a cabin in the mountains with trees surrounding me (bonus points for a lake) you might never get me to leave.

• I'm a novice foodie. Cooking is like art you can eat! SOLD. I actually dream to have a cafe/coffee shop someday!

• Young Life will forever be in my heart and a part of my life. Link on the right, give it a click??

• I believe whole-heartedly in adoption and foster care and cannot wait to give a child(ren) a home someday. If you share this heart, but aren't sure how to get plugged in, check out Lend a hand or a couple bucks ;)  Giving is a ministry too. That is also why at least 10% of everything I make goes to charity.

     Thanks for wanting to know more about me; it was a pleasure to have you here. Please, feel free to check out if you ever want to know more. You can also just ask! Hope to hear from you. Let me know you stopped by. Adios!




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